Reinstalling factory debian image
I like my Pinebook Pro. I want to get a well-working OS on it. It came with the Debian image, and I liked that one. I tried the Manjaro OS, liked that, and installed it. That was straightforward: Flash SD with "Install to EMMC" option, then boot and follow the install prompts. But I have not been able to correct ... something. I get a lot of errors connecting to update software or install software. Following troubleshooting leads me to clear and re-update my mirror list, to clear and redownload keys, and it all leads nowhere. Or to a "Get better internet," which is not possible to me because my network connection is via phone hotspot. So...

I liked the Debian install. In theory I would use the Pine64 Installer, the "Debian Desktop Community Build Image [microSD to eMMC] by mrfixit2001" build, and pop the SD card into my wont-update Manjaro PBP, and it would be the same - Boot, follow prompts, done. But instead it only boots to Debian on the SD card. So. How do I get from this link ( to some recent version of the Debian PBP OS installed on my EMMC? Is this a time to boot and DD it to the EMMC? I see the narration that "The Pine64 installer will set up an SD card to automagically install" but have not been able to. Help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.

When I try to (say) run Pine64 Installer from an SD card in the PBP with intent to target the internal EMMC, I am not able to download the installer - "Disk Full." I can pursue moving it around to different partitions, but don't want to chase the wrong tree.
If you want the absolute easiest way to install the Default mrfixit OS. My suggestion would be to grab either a SD/USB to emmc adapter:

That's a link to the SD to emmc adapter that I always use. Take the back on, pull the emmc, load the OS image with Etcher, hit the two little reset buttons and put the emmc back in and start it up.

It's super easy to do and I've yet to have it mess up.... I've messed it up plenty doing stupid stuff after it's working... but loading is super simple.

Here's the two I use... USB to emmc I don't use often.

[Image: 1.jpg]
(06-12-2020, 02:44 PM)MIchael Wrote: If you want the absolute easiest way to install the Default mrfixit OS. My suggestion would be to grab either a SD/USB to emmc adapter:
  Thank you. I will keep looking at software answers, but the EMMC adapter will definitely work after disassembly to pull the EMMC. Thank you,

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