Pine Key + Backspace/Arrow Keys not registering
Hi there,

I'm having a problem with a new PBP where I cannot do anything with the following key combinations:

PineKey + Backspace
PineKey + Arrow Keys

There is a thread on Reddit showing that someone else has this issue:

He tried updating the firmware but to no avail - and like him I was under the impression that he latest batch of PBPs shipped with the latest firmware. 

Anyone else seeing this? Any ideas?

BTW - to see if you are affected use
Press the combinations above and see if the modified keys are registered.
Update - I tried flashing like the guy in the reddit post and like the guy in the reddit post - it made no difference. Kinda at a loss what to do now as I use these keybindings a lot..
Update 2 - got it working by following the README from the firmware directory in that repo not the main README. the "step-1" "step-2" commands did not work but the "flash-kb" did - yay!
flah-kb is basically step 3 and gets you the actual revised firmware.

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