Bluetooth low energy & ANT+ sports sensors Pinephone distro?
So the obvious solution (to me) is to run the linux software on the PinePhone in your pocket and use the watch as the display.
No, the obvious solution is first to test the software as described here in this thread on the Linux PinePhone. A second test is to see whether the same software also runs on a Linux Asteroid 1.0 watch like the LG watch Urbaine:

I’m actually super excited about the idea to run the software on a Linux smartwatch. A reviewer stated that the LG watch G with Linux Asteroid1.0 runs for two days, while the Linux PinePhone runs as far as I know only for two hours.

Little is known about Linux Asteroid watches. But for me personally a Linux smartwatch is very interesting. It is like the PinePhone compaired to an Android phone. May the development of these Linux Asteroid smartwatches and eventually PostmarketOS smartwatches be as successful as the development of the PinePhone.
Ok but it just seems to me like you're looking for a problem for your solution.
Yes, exactly. My problem is, that this thread is still theoretical and tests will take a lot of time, but I’m not in a hurry to do this, and I thing it is worth it. Maybe the result will be a new PinePhone distro combined with a Linux watch? Or a combination which is open source and better than a Garmin watch with a Gamin connect app? All athletes and developers welcome to participate.
Hi, Was wondering if you've managed to make any progress on this. I have a Polar H10 chest strap that It'd like to use. And figured that if the pine64 could work with it, that would be neat

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