2020 Batch, Continued Keyboard Issues?
I have a 2020 build ANSI keyboard, and definitely have the super+arrow key issue.  Super key by itself works, but not in combination with other keys.  External keyboard works and the built in keyboard behaves the same across distros (Manjaro 20.04 and 20.06 KDE, debian)

I've scoured the forum (both here and Manjaro) and it seems to be agreed that if your Pinebook Pro was made in 2019 you should update the keyboard firmware, but I have a 2020 batch. Someone else asked a similar question to this as part of this Majaro i3 release, but with no conclusion. 


It seemed that there is some risk is updating the firmware as some ended up with bricked trackpads or other boot issues after attempting.  I'm hesitant to try the update if I don't need to.  For the time being I remapped global window tiling shortcuts to shift + arrow.  

Any thoughts on this? I'm just concerned that we maybe made a bad conclusion that this was resolved in 2019 where I'm fairly certain it's still out there.

Edit to add Wiki Reference: https://wiki.pine64.org/index.php/Pinebook_Pro#Trackpad
Which firmware update are you looking at? The original, from Pine, or jack's community firmware updater? Jack's has had a good track record of success. Most people that have issues, have them because they do not follow the update instructions accurately.
I should have added that I'm looking at the instructions on the Pro Wiki: https://wiki.pine64.org/index.php/Pinebook_Pro#Trackpad

I'm not certain which update is on the wiki (https://github.com/ayufan-rock64/pineboo...rd-updater) but it seems that you're suggesting I should be looking at Jack's (https://github.com/jackhumbert/pinebook-...d-firmware). If so, I'll test it out and report back.
(06-09-2020, 09:37 AM)chetchinglo Wrote: I should have added that I'm looking at the instructions on the Pro Wiki: https://wiki.pine64.org/index.php/Pinebook_Pro#Trackpad

I'm not certain which update is on the wiki (https://github.com/ayufan-rock64/pineboo...rd-updater) but it seems that you're suggesting I should be looking at Jack's (https://github.com/jackhumbert/pinebook-...d-firmware).  If so, I'll test it out and report back.

Yes, that is the original. Try Jack's. I used his on my 2019 ANSI and have had no problems.
Alright, so it appears my fears have come true, but I may be at fault.

First attempt:

* As I couldn't follow directions exactly for Jack's firmware update, I resolved the dependencies to make by installing base-devel and xxd from the Manjaro repo.
* Followed make, step-1, reboot, step-2. reboot and Yes! All my keyboard shortcuts work (alt+tab, super+tab, super+shift+tab, super+arrow, and I think all function keys)
* Trackpad doesn't work at all
* Retired, same result

Second attempt:

* Per the wiki, did the stock firmware update
* No new packages installed, just followed the instructions on git (ayufan)
* Resulted in the same as stock keyboard performance meaning no super+arrow key combos
* Trackpad doesn't work
* Retried, same result

Third attempt:

* In searching for a resolution to my trackpad issues, I found the Manjaro actually has a firmware section for some reason (I guess that's cool?)
* Following the instructions for this I'm still getting the same keyboard performance (no super+arrow) and no trackpad

In summary:

The best I can get so far is with Jack's firmware, which gets the keyboard working wonderfully but no trackpad. Again, I'm on a 2020 Pinebook with Manjaro KDE 20.06. I'm really thinking there's a hardware difference for the 2020 build, and the issue is independent of distro.


Just reflashed Jack's firmware, and after a shutdown reboot cycle the trackpad is working again. Somehow though, my results are not the same with the keyboard performance. I feel like I'm losing my mind with this thing, but I'm just going back the original solution of new global keyboard shortcuts so I can get back to learning Python.
Has anyone had the same super + arrow issues on the 2020, even with new firmware?

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