Is it possible to overclock
I'm getting a pinebook pro soon and I'm wondering if anyone has tried overclocking it and how fair you can push the board
Also you could probably add a heatsink it seems it doesn't have one out of the box
Well, the bottom chassis is made of magnesium alloy, so it's one big heatsink Smile
I would imagine the software steps are the same as the RockPro64.
(A bit outdated but it's the thought that counts Big Grin )
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So how far can you push it? I'm not sure what the stock clocks are.
I don't recommend overclocking without extra cooling
When using Jitsi video conferencing, it got uncomfortably hot on my legs.
When running Rosetta@home I didn't even dare to run it on all cores.
Thanks for the warning, but how much did you overclock and what cooling can you actually stick inside the laptop that has no airflow.
That's even without overclocking!
You can try to investigate how the SoC gets a better heatpipe to the aluminium casing.
Or use external solutions, but don't expect miracles.
Here are some examples:
If you're using Manjaro Linux (which is the default on the new PBPs), the CPU is already overclocked a fair bit.

This sets an operating power point of 2.0 GHz @ 1.3V.
I wouldn't go higher than this, it's already at the point of diminishing returns.
That's cool, do you mean that all of the 6 cores are clocked that high? It would be wise to specify that in default configuration the laptop is overclocked as it should be with arm getting cooled as apposed to suffocated in mobile case.

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