extlinux.conf file error, can it be edited in bootloader?
Ok, I had a perfectly running Manjaro installed on my PBP eMMC, but decided to update the U-boot to see if it might fix a clock issue I have (likely not but I had never updated that part of the system myself). That went ok, but now instead of a black boot screen until login, I see text regarding the boot sequence. I don't want to see that, so I removed the "console=" bits in the extlinux.conf file per another Manjaro site.

Stupid stupid me, I didn't think to make a copy of the extlinux.conf file, and made a syntax error in the file, and no longer will the system boot into Manjaro!

I can get into the boot command line, but I can't see any way to edit that conf file to fix the problem, no nano, pick, vi... Is the system completely trashed now? I don't have any way to mount the eMMC in another system right now, but I could pick something up from Amazon in a few days...
Try maybe,,, /usr/bin/nano
(09-25-2021, 11:01 PM)wdt Wrote: Try maybe,,, /usr/bin/nano

Thanks, and normally I'd lean on nano as my editor of choice. However, I'm still down in the bootloader, so there's only a limited number of applications I can run. Heck, ls doesn't even work like it does in the OS! Smile

That said, I was able to load Manjaro on an SD card and I was able to boot into it. I was able to mount the eMMC's /boot and edit the conf file. Unfortunately it did not fix the issue, even after I overwrote the original /boot with the SD card's /boot (and grabbed the correct PARTUUID). I can get it to show the splash logo, but it never goes past that point (never gets to login), and if I change the console I get a prompt but the keyboard doesn't work at all.

At this point, I'm just going to grab a few files from my original home dir, and do a full reinstall on the eMMC. Probably good practice; maybe I'll try Gentoo this time!  Big Grin

Thanks all! I've been running Linux on and off since the Caldera days, and I learn something new every day.

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