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Hi everyone,

First time posting on this forum and completely new to single-board computing.

I have a lot of time on my hands due to college and work being cancelled due to COVID-19, so I ordered myself a PINE A64+ 2GB and it should arrive soon. Very excited to start messing around with it.

My intentions for this board are

>Initially use it as a chip flasher to flash coreboot onto the BIOS chip of my Thinkpad. All of the tutorials I have seen call for a Raspberry Pi but I don't see why the PINE64 shouldn't be able to do the job. Maybe I will write a tutorial if it goes well!

>I live in a collective house. I would like to turn this device into an internet-connected Nextcloud server that I could give an account to each of my housemates if they want it.

>I will also like to set up an instance of Mastodon for the users in the house.

I do wonder if I'm asking too much of this board, for it to be a Nextcloud server and Mastodon server at the same time? What do you think?

I'll let everyone know how I get on.

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