Are you like me and can never remember the privacy keys?
I can never remember which keys disabled what. So I used our label printer to print out icons for a "patch panel" on 1/4" black on yellow vinyl. Since space is tight on 1/4" labels icons were used. The phone means microphone (also F10 is directly under the right mic) the triangle has what looks like a wifi signal for F11 and for F12 is a video camera icon for you guessed it the camera. Smile

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Next to the lights I made another "sticker" to let me know 2 blinks is enabled. Cause I can never remember that either. 

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Now I can't not remember! Sometimes my genius knows no bounds.

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Are you like me and can never remember the privacy keys? - by jabo - 03-11-2020, 09:34 AM

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