initializing SDRAM Fail on Pine A64+ with 2GB RAM
(04-30-2016, 04:07 AM)tkaiser Wrote: Ok, so you've a 2GB board. The jumper is to provide USB peripherals either with power from DC-IN or through the PMU.

I asked you to do it differently. Smile

Use jumper wires and connect 5V/GND to pins 4/6 on the Euler connector. And use not the Euler connector for serial console but the EXP connector next to it. If you look into their Wiki you will neither find Euler nor EXP since they call the connectors Eular and Ext instead (for reasons absolutely unknown to me):

Thanks, and sorry, I was not thinking clearly at the time. I had also connected my debug board to the EXP, not the larger Euler connector... Anyway, if the board can't boot through micro USB, and would somehow have to power it through the header pins, something is not right here. I use that same power adapter for MiQi board... So I've just contacted them to report the issue, as fire219 did.

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