DLNA and/or Plex problem with RockPro64
Hi everybody!

I may think that I'm in the right place for my question:

I have a big problem that makes me wonder if I should've done the good hardware.
I've bought a Rockpro64 SBC with one WD Red HDD running on last Ayufan OMV version.
I have a synology DS213+ (well an old thing).
I've made copy of my movies from the DS213+ to the Rockpro64. Everything was almost fine but it's not the problem.
I have a Mi Box for watching movies with Kodi.

I tried to watch movies and some work some don't:
- Plex say that my connection it too slow or that an error came with transcoding.
- I tried the Plex DLNA from my TV too. It worked only once. The other times, it frose or I had no movies on my list.
- It doesn't work from Kodi and my TV (DLNA).
- The same movies work well from the DS213+ (DLNA).
- The same movies work well from my MacBook Pro.

So, is my SBC's not made for that or is there something I forgot to do ?

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