RockPro 64 V2.1 Boot problem only DDR Version ... message
I have only connected Ground as well as RX as described in the HOWTO you mentioned.

Since the last post I tried different thing like disabling the SPI EEPROM or the EMMC slot. All those thing did not help so put the board away for an evening. The next day the same SD card worked just fine. Since the SD card the board booted on was the "known good" SD card I powered down the board and inserted another card. After powering the board the serial console got disconnected and after reconnecting I got the same problem as described earlier. I just get the two lines and nothing else.
For me, this almost feels like there is a multifuse (or Resettable fuse) blown somewhere but I could not find one in the schematic. But maybe this is a known behavior but I could not find any hint of that in the Wiki. Next time the board will boot again, I will try unplugging the serial adapter completely before reconnecting the power cable.

I also had the board running for multiple hours with connected serial console but I did not reconnect the power cable.

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