ROCKPro64 with 16 ports SATA controller
Hi all,

I want to use that ROCKPro64 system, with an Ubuntu server or Debian, as a 10 to 12 SATAIII harddrives NAS.

The idea is to use this controller card, which is a PCI-e 2.0 4x card with Marvell 88SE9215 chipset (1 PCI-e lane to 4 SATAIII per chipset).

I know that technically, the Marvell 88SE9215 is working on the ROCKPro64, but this controller board also use another type of chip, and I cannot find-out what they are exactly...

I you look at a close-up picture, you can clearly see that each of the 4 PCI-e lanes goes to the bigger chip on the center, then to the smaller four chips and then to the mini-SAS connectors (and then mini-SAS to 4 SATAII). But the 88SE9215 chip only takes a single PCI-e lane according to its datasheet, so I suspect that board to use four 88SE9215 chips and some kind of PCI-E lanes splitter in between to give each 88SE9215 a single PCI-e lane.

Does anyone have more information? Am I wrong? And more importantly, does this card works on the ROCKPro64?

For more info, I want to replace my old Core2duo based NAS, and I currently have 10 harddrives of 3TB to manage. I use ZFS-on-linux, which seem to work on ROCKPro64, with a 10 discs RAID-Z2. I know the datarate won't be extraordinary high, but I only need it to saturate the gigabit Ethernet with Samba shares, so about 100MB/s top.

[EDIT] Title and typos...

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