Problems putting Ubuntu (Xenial Mate) on my replacement eMMC.
Hello people.
I recently bought a 64Gb eMMC for my Pinebook.
When I tried to install the Xenial Mate I got a "No eMMC detected" message. (photo attached)
At first I thought it was a fault with the new eMMC and opened a ticket on the support page. They tested it and could find no faults. When it was returned the support people advised me to try and install Android. This worked.
I also had success installing Q4OS and the MicroSD version of Xenial Mate seems to work without issue. 
I have also tried  taking it off the board and putting it back on again.
As there are no issues with the eMMC I can only assume there is some issue with the Xenial Mate image I tried to install.
I would rather run a version of Ubuntu Xenial Mate installed on the eMMC.
Has anyone else had this issue?

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Problems putting Ubuntu (Xenial Mate) on my replacement eMMC. - by frank-zappa - 03-18-2019, 05:50 PM

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