Have eMMC adapter - but can't seem to fix eMMC card
Hi - I had purchased two Rock64 boards, two 64GB eMMC chips and the USB adapter - got the image onto one of the cards using Balaena Etcher (been working great to get images on to microSD cards and the like). Went and re-formatted it after plugging it back into my Windows machine, went to reset an image - but now the eMMC card only appears as a 14.4 GB removable drive called "CARD" on drive E: and I can never seem to delete the partition, format the drive or anything else with it.

Things I've tried:

Volume manager and DISKPART on windows - all the way to deleting the partition - even forcing the delete
Plugged it into the Pi's USB port and using "sudo fdisk" and trying everything I could google to remove it to redo the drive to no avail.

The only thing that seems to show up now is a DOS partition that always has a "uupd.bin" file in it - and I can never reformat it. Is there something magical - or set of steps to get that rogue volume off the eMMC and back to where I can use it like the 64GB chip it is?

Is this chip lost for eternity or is there a way to really access it, blow it all away and redo it from scratch? Until I can figure something out I am afraid to take the other eMMC out of the bag. 


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Have eMMC adapter - but can't seem to fix eMMC card - by SirRyanTheGeek - 03-18-2019, 07:44 AM

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