USB drive powered off after reboot
(12-20-2018, 11:34 AM)huberttrz Wrote: Hello,

I've got an SSD connected to my rock64 via USB3 and booting from it without issues.

$ lsusb
Bus 005 Device 002: ID 7825:a2a4

The only problem is when I reboot the system. The USB is powering off, but won't get powered on again. As a result the system won't boot. Checked on latest bionic-minimal, stretch-minimal, openmediavault, dietpi. When I boot from the sdcard the drive gets powered on at first and running fine. Then again after reboot the USB is powered off and system boots from sdcard with the USB drive powered off.
An older HDD doesn't have this issue and power is delivered to the USB after reboot so looks like problems with this specific enclosure.
Run a test on RPI3 and after reboot the drive gets powered on.
Do you have some ideas what I could look for / test to nail it down?

Thank you

I've tried with the magic SysRq key (s+u+b) and the boards resets with the drive being powered on all the time (so there is a workaround). To me it looks like something is happening during os shutdown which makes the USB drive be powered off (while it shouldn't). Seems to be kernel related but I guess my level of knowledge won't allow me to find the cause.

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