Is Pine right for me -- if so what board?
Hi Everyone,

I am about to launch a product that I have prototyped around a RPI 3B+, and I may build up to 1000 of them in the first year.

I have several concerns about the RPI -- one is the lack of a rechargeable battery option which the Pine seems to solve -- I have been using USB power bricks, but cannot reliably read battery remaining etc.  So do the pine boards have a charging circuit on board that can programmatically show time remaining / percentage and gracefully shutdown?  And can the be plugged in and unplugged like a iPad or tablet without rebooting to start charging and switch to power charging while the system runs?  If so great!

What is the battery life of the Pinebook with the 8000mAH battery (I have been using 10,000mAH on the RPI), and could I use two 8000mAH batteries in parallel for longer life?

Is the 7inch touch screen comparable in quality and brightness to the RPI standard screen, and can it be rotated to operate in portrait instead of landscape?  Are there other third party screen options?

Another concern regarding the RPI is SD card corruption on non-orderly shutdowns -- is the eMMC option more appropriate or do I need to come up with some read only file system recovery option?

My application requires a 3G/4G modem, touch screen, and makes use of the Ethernet port to provide network sharing to another peripheral -- I have scripts on Unix to remap all the ports -- I'm sure I can get these ported to the Pine64.

In terms of operating systems, my application is current a web browser in kiosk mode running against a local Python / Django web server -- so I could use just about anything, maybe even Android (or I could redevelop a native Android app).  Bu I assume Ubuntu could work well for this and match my development environment.

So is Pine64 for me...and if so what board would I start with.

Thanks in advance for any help, and sorry about all the questions.  On paper the Pine64 products look like a great upgrade over the RPI for what I want.


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