Rockpro64 doesn't boot
(11-14-2018, 09:36 AM)SteveJ Wrote: But there is no "excitement" when power is applied! No blinking lights on the RJ45 socket when a cable is attached to the router. I'll try the OTG route, but I fear the board may be toast.

Me too Sad 

Just ran a test on my board - absolutely nothing connected (no SD card, no eMMC, no PCIe, nothing in USB, nothing in RJ45, no HDMI).

Plug in power - green (Power) LED comes on. As do both (green & yellow) lights on RJ45. All stay on until I get bored.

If I push the reset button both LEDs on RJ45 flash off and come back on again. In fact as long as I hold the reset button down the RJ45 LEDs are off, and come back on as soon as I release the reset button.

If I push and hold the power button (for more like 5 seconds) both LEDs on RJ45 go out, green/power LED stays on. If I push power button again (about 1 second) both LEDs on RJ45 are back on.

So according to me the LEDs on RJ45 socket are good indicator of a bit of action after the initial excitement of the power LED. (And before the white LED indicates some OS progress.)
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