Review/Advice for new board owner (support,purchase etc)
So I have two of the rock64pro boards, and I really haven't been able to use either for the purpose I had intended due to stability issues. My goal was to be able to replace an Intel-i3 which I use for video capture and analysis around the house, along with a NAS.  One of the rock64pros boots off of eMMC, and the PCI card can see the SATA drive but after any amount of serious usage it throws errors and the drive is set into read only mode. The other rock64pro I have I can sometimes get it to boot from eMMC, but rarely. I haven't been able to get it to boot from the SD card. I tried again today with the latest kernels to see if anything is better, not yet.

So from what I can tell, the one I got working is probably stable just using eMMC.  Two of my coworkers bought a board each and have had similar experiences, and they have set them aside as well, and moved onto other NAS platforms. 

I like this processor and have one of the Samsung ChromeBook Plus with the RK3399 in it, and I adore that Chromebook, the battery life and stability is very good. I've run arch linux on it, and played with it quite a bit. The RK3399 seems powerful enough for the task I have in mind which is doing encoding and capture of 2 - 3 HD security cameras, I just need the Rock64Pro to be stable enough to do this. 

I'm now debating if I could get one to work on the eMMC card alone without an external drive, knowing that HD video capture will probably kill the eMMC card in fairly quick order.

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