Never ever mix up CPU board connector with 8-pin PCIE connector
Hello all,
 I just made a fatal mistake  Confused ! Here is the story.
I power up my rockpro64 boards with a ATX psu with a EPS12V to 8 DC barrel connectors. Until now no major problems. Then I decided to use a server power unit (which is common in the miner rigs domain why not use it for my boards ?) with a special adapter for PCIE (to power GPU cards) ... why not ?

The connectors are rather alike and I naively think that they are the same since they have the same function. Indeed we can plug them together.
When  I switched on ... sparks and flames ! Then I realized how stupid it was. The +12V and ground are inverted. It was simple though : 1st principle : connect the black wire with the black wire. I did not check, over confidence. Angry

So RIP my dear Rockpro64  Angel 
"By chance" I just plugged one.

*If you are sensible do not watch the following pictures*

Is there a way to replace the components ?

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