If you've messed up your eMMC Card - Solved
(07-03-2018, 01:04 PM)CaptainZalo Wrote: I'm pulling facts directly from my ass here, so read with caution:
I assume you saw some kind of proprietary protected volume containing some bootloader or kernel files. If that partition has a descriptor unknown to the host OS or if the host OS doesn't understand the partition layout, it'll default to only showing the primary chunk on the first readable partition.

There are probably others on this forum that can give you a proper answer as to what and why that tiny partition exists in the beginning of the drive.

Almost Capt'n Wink Etcher wouldn't have cared in the slightest about the reserved partitions... it should have looked at the entire drive size, and gone, 64GB eMMC... yummy! 

Windows won't understand the other filesystems, so will grumble at best with all but the /boot partition (#6). Partitions 1-5 are for uboot, kernel, and loader stuff. Partition 7 is the OS / root partition. I would have thought that gdisk would have had no trouble nuking all the partitions, but as he pointed out, something strange was going on, so diskpart probably wouldn't have worked either. Would be interesting to know the why behind that... and thus also why the 'reset' worked.

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