Pine64 LTS Not booting
Hi all, I just received my Pine64 LTS in the mail today and loaded Diet Pi on an SD Card quickly to find out that it's not booting.

* Power is the provided barrel connector that I purchased
* SD Card is a San Disc 32 GB
* eMCC from plugged in, purchased at the same time as my Pine64
* USB Keyboard plugged in
* USB Mouse plugged in

I checked my DHCP Lease table and it doesn't look like it's powering up and getting an address.  I then took the SD Card out and put it in my Model B Pine64 and it boots right up without issue.

I also noticed that my USB Keyboard back light was on and the mouse was powered up too.

I then put the SD Card back into the LTS and removed parts one at a time in this order.

* eMCC
* Mouse
* Keyboard

And it is still not booting.

I've tried both Diet Pi and Xubuntu with the same results.  I'm starting to think my Pine64 was DOA.  Thoughts?


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