ROCK64 emmc
I recently purchased and am awaiting both a Pine64-LTS and a ROCK64, both with emmc modules. After purchasing, I realized that I had not purchased the emmc to usb adapter. This is my fault, but I have been looking into my options in the meantime.

Here is the information that I have gathered, though I may have gotten some things wrong(that is the first part of my question, and leads directly to the second.)

1. On the LTS, there are images I can write to SD, and then install to emmc.
2. These installers are not available on the ROCK(if they are, my question basically ends here, as I can install to emmc without needing to wait for the adapter.)

The second part of my question, which assumes #2 above is true, is whether I can put the emmc into the LTS, write a ROCK image, and just put the emmc into the ROCK?

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