Think my board is DoA??
Hi all,

just got my new ROCK 64 4GB in today, along with 2 PoE adapters and a 64GB eMMC module.  Was all excited so to first test I put Debian Stretch on a 16GB microSD card, inserted the card, connected the PoE adapter to my ROCK64 (ethernet, then the 3.5mm barrel jack), and then connected the PoE adapter to an ethernet cable connected to my Dell X1026P PoE switch (802.3af compliant, possibly 802.3at compliant...not sure).  I get a yellow light on the PoE adapter (I assume the yellow light is link connectivity) then it fades out.  About every 60 seconds (assuming I leave it connected), it comes back on then goes off.  I never get any lights on the ROCK64 board itself.  Nothing, nada.  Try the second PoE adapter I have (both ordered from the Pine store), and it does the exact same thing.

So I've got a oDroid XU4 running that has a 5V/4A adapter with a 5.5mm barrel jack.  I have a few 5.5mm to 3.5mm adapters, so I try one of those with this PSU connecting to the ROCK64 (with the microSD card inserted), and nothing.  Unplug, remove the microSD, plug it back to the PSU.  Nothing.  Swap the 5.5mm to 3.5mm adapter with another, and nothing.

I've tried several things, but am not seeing any LED's on the board light up.  Ugh.  I've mashed the power, reset, and recovery buttons hoping to do something, but still nothing.

I'm guessing my board is DoA?  Anything else I can try?  Have there been reports of DoA boards or do I just have crappy luck?  Totally not looking forward to waiting another 2 weeks to play with one of these, assuming I have to have a replacement sent.  Come on, surely there is something else I can try?

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