PXE boot w/ SPI Flash
(09-03-2017, 08:09 PM)bourg Wrote: I'm interested in the mid-term prospect of sopine clusters.  Trying to minimize both unit cost and deployment costs, I'd prefer not having to purchase storage for each sopine compute module.  Is a solution available to a) network boot / pxe boot sopine compute modules and b) do so from just the SPI flash, with no other local storage?  Documentation and/or SPI Flash images for this welcomed.  I'd obviously need a server on the network to provide network booting resources. 

Bonus question - I've seen writings about a 7 module board being in-development for sopine.  Can an "imperfect" dev / PoC / pre-release board be purchased?

We are build up first small batch of cluster board and will be ready on next week.

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