Pinebook 14" keyboard misses keypresses UPDATE
(12-05-2018, 09:14 AM)Marauder Wrote:
(06-12-2018, 08:02 PM)debaser Wrote:
(06-03-2018, 02:01 PM)Wizzard Wrote: I see that not all the 14" Pinebooks are the same. I got another Pinebook and the keyboard is much better, so I use this one for Linux and the another for Android Smile

Can this be confirmed by anyone else? My spacebar key is the real issue for me. If the newer pinebooks have better keyboards I will snatch up another.

The keyboard issues are what's really keeping me from getting more use out of it. I'm considering grabbing the "For service purpose only" bottom case if/when it becomes available to see if I can swap it for a better keyboard experience. If anyone has done this, please chime in!

So the keyboard on my pinebook 14" has been a deal breaker for me. All of my keys work and remapping the '|' is trivial but I have to hit them harder and sometimes multiple times. With ocasional attempts to resurect it with the same outcome I've been using my work laptop instead. Getting used to the pinebook isn't an option because I use other keyboards all day long A usb keyboard would work but using one doesn't work to well on the couch or lying on the bed and kind of defeats the purpose of a laptop.

I tend to have complex passwords and it takes five plus tries to even get it to authenticate me when I turn it on. I'm a command line junkie and I might as well be trying to type with a bandaged cut on each finger using my pinebook. Easily more than half of the compilation errors with code I've written on my pinebook are single letters missing from variable names.

With the announcement of the pinebook pro I've been looking back at the forums. It seems like there may have been a change to the keyboard over the time the pine book has been available. I too would quite happily buy a new bottom case with keyboard if it had a keyboard I could actually use. I have no idea though whether my pinebook has the new or the old keyboard in it. How can one tell which one you have?



Does anyone know if the pinebook pro has the same/similar keyboard? It looks nice and I'd be interested but not if my tpig lok lke ths.

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