How to install and boot ROCK64 from eMMC?
I will give you the steps here; if you have trouble please visit us on irc #Rock64 and we'll help you there live.

1) interrupt a normal SD card boot-up at the uboot timer

2) remove the jumper

3) enter boot

4) once the machine is booted make sure you have both store devices in /dev (mmcblk0 and mmcblk1)

5) use the curl command to copy the image you want directly from the network to the eMMC

sample curl command:

curl -L | unxz -c > /dev/mmcblk0

( this assumes that the eMMC is device mmcblk0 )

The reason I mention the above paren, is that this has changed a couple of times. The SD card should be mmcblk1 and the eMMC should be mmcblk0.

The curl command (above) will copy the image from the network (github) directly to the eMMC module; then just make sure the jumper is OFF and reboot; the system should boot-up from the eMMC.
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