How to compile on other systems for Pine
I'm somewhat familiar with the basic cmake/make/make install recipe for compiling code. The issue is that this usually results in code compiled for the architecture of the host machine (which for me is an Intel Core i7 / x86_64). Compiling code on this machine is lightspeed faster than compiling directly on the Pine.

Are there (I'm sure there are) flags/switches/make-file changes I can make/use when compiling on my desktop so that the resulting binaries will work on the Pine?

I tried this just now "cmake . -DCFLAGS='-maarch64' -DCXXFLAGS='maarch64'" but I didn't see any messages about the architecture changing. I'm waiting for the compile to finish.


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How to compile on other systems for Pine - by utdrmac - 03-07-2017, 10:57 AM

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