Lakka-nightlies for Pine A64 (and H64)

I just recently discovered that Lakka is available in the nightlies for the pine allwinner boards.  I tested it on my A64+ and what I tested (NES, SNES, GBA, PSX, DOOM, Quake) worked.  N64 and NDS didn't work. (I didn't have other roms to try).

What also didn't work was HDMI sound, I couldn't test analog out as I broke my headphones.

Here is the link:

Probably most thanks to Jernej as he made this boards available in the libreelec 9.2 build system.

I don't have a pine H64 to test the lakka builds.  And I'm sill wondering wich board would be better, the rock64 or the pineH64 to run emulation on.
How is N64 performance on H6? won't have a chance to try in the near future.
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