Need Clarification: KS Pledge Description vs. BackerKit Description
Hi all! This is literally my first post here on the Pine forum, so I apologize if it's not in the right section.

I am having some trouble figuring out what I'm getting from my base pledge vs. what it says on BackerKit. I pledged for the "$89 Pine A64+ Bow w/ Touch Screen" on Kickstarter. According to the Kickstarter reward description, I am supposed to be getting the following: 
  • PINE A64+ 1GB unit along with 64GB MicroSD Pre-Loaded with Android 5.1 OS
  • 802.11N Wifi + Bluetooth 4.0
  • PINE64 Power Supply
  • 7" LCD touchscreen panel
  • the PINE64 Enclosure
  • 2GB upgrade available for $10 later.

My problem is that BackerKit seems to use another description, so now I'm not sure exactly what I'm getting from my base pledge. I am trying to avoid ordering double components that I'll already be getting from my base pledge. So here is what it says in BackerKit (I'll list my questions/comments alongside in blue and red): 
  • 1 64GB MicroSD Android (This is clear . . . a 64GB MicroSD that's pre-loaded with Android.)
  • 1 7" LCD Touch Screen (This is clear . . . I get the touch screen.)
  • 1 PINE64 ABS PlayBox Enclosure (This is not clear. I see that there's a PlayBox enclosure that seems to hold the screen, PINE64, and battery. So does this mean that I won't be getting the clear PINE64 enclosure mentioned above that was shown during the campaign? Or will I be getting both the PlayBox AND the clear enclosure?)
  • 1 PINE 64 USA Power Supply (This is clear . . . getting a USA power supply cord.)
  • 1 802.11BGN  Wifi/BT 4.0 Module (This is clear . . . getting the wifi/Bluetooth 4.0 module)
  • 1 PlayBox Kit (This is not clear . . . there is no mention of a PlayBox Kit on BackerKit. It can't be the same thing as the PlayBox Enclosure listed above. There's a "Media Kit" listed in BackerKit, but I can't assume that they're the same thing. So what is this PlayBox Kit and which components does it include?)
  • 1 PINE A64+2GB (This is clear . . . This is my PINE with the 2gb upgrade.)

So can anyone here clarify the points in red above? I'd like to know what those things mean before adding in extra add-ons. As as said, I'd hate to order doubles of anything I'm already getting. Thanks in advance to anyone who can provide me with some sure answers!  Smile

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