Facing difficulty in getting started with Ubuntu image
1. I downloaded longsleep image (xenial-pine64-bspkernel-20161218-1.img.xz) ! 
I burned image and booted too.

I do not have any monitor with me. I do not have any keyboard with me. (actually i do not want to use it.)
How, can i do it. I used different hardware, where device was connected to Laptop. When C.H.I.P. was connected to laptop, using usb cable, I do not need cable. I just need to use screen utility to login on any tty

I connected a monitor and keyboard to what is available.. after login, I tried, ifconfig. ifconfig do not show any wlan0. I have connected my wifi module to Pine64. so, ideally it should show wlan0 too. unable to find instruction on how to connect wifi.
the worst thing, I tried to connect with LAN cable.  router is very far from Work table. If I connect LAN cable, I cannot connect keyboard. So I thought , I can do ssh and let Pine64 to be connected on LAN cable without any keyboard.
When I connected with a LAN cable, It do not get any ip address. It should get ip address automatically, so that I can do a ssh. 
I am highly frustrated, I cannot get stated on this board.

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Facing difficulty in getting started with Ubuntu image - by nsisodiya - 12-27-2016, 10:40 PM

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