HowTo working with MPD and analog sound
I did want to use my Pine64 as a Music Player Daemon linked to my sound system with the jack thing. It took me some time and I made this thread to help those who want to do quite the same thing. I hope my English will be undersandable.

To work with the jack and audiocodec the longsleep's posts helped a lot : To get rid of the need of sudoing alsamixer :
sudo usermod -a -G audio username

The MPD package is not in the stable or backports repositories. In fact it is. But not with the arm64 arch. So you can install it with its dependencies in a multi-arch way (mpd:armhf). I prefer another way : mpd:arm64 is in the testing repo. I find much easier (and safier) to deal with testing than with multiarch.

The difficulty then was to find the proper settings for the sound card (amixer helped a lot). Here they are :
audio_output {
    type        "alsa"
    name        "My ALSA Device"
    device        "hw:1"
    mixer_type      "hardware"
    mixer_device    "hw:1"
    mixer_control    "headphone volume"
    mixer_index    "0"

And then it worked.

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