using Zoom on Pinephone
Understood that Zoom is a controversial and for-profit company--but unlike when I'm working on my own projects, sometimes I need to work with other people and accommodate their software choices. Yes, ideally we'd be using Jitsi or some other open source software.

Is there any way to participate in a Zoom videochat session from a Pinephone or Pinephone Pro running Mobian? This is currently the only reason why I still keep an Android phone lying around. I used to use Zoom's Linux client, but that was before I switched to Arm and Zoom does not support Arm. I tried using Zoom's web client (admittedly on PureOS + Phosh on the Librem 5 -- I haven't tried on Mobian on the Pinephone yet), but that was a read-only experience: despite giving Firefox permissions to use the camera and microphone, I could only see and hear but not be seen or heard.

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