Pine64+: 3 working, 1 shows nothing on tv
(07-28-2016, 06:08 AM)zumtra Wrote: Hello,

after happily receiving 4 Pine64+ in the first half of june, i directly wanted to test them. Three of the boards work with the same sd card , hdmi cable, tv and power supply, but the 4th doesn't show any picture with the same setup. So, there must be some kind of defect.

I already wrote to sales and support on 06/12/2016, 06/23/2016 and 07/02/2016 but never received any answer. i therefore hope to get more
feedback here in the forum.

Best regards,

Sorry that support team didn't get back to you. Since you have 4 board and sure tat you already have the experience on the setup. Please PM me and advise on the bad board nature, I will handle if confirm DoA.

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