Sleep and external display - Are there any options?
(09-02-2023, 11:21 AM)chris88233 Wrote:
(09-02-2023, 10:49 AM)wdt Wrote: Again....
s2, s2R, s3, STR, hibernate,,, just what are you trying to get?
I don't know if this will work for external monitor, don't have right hub to try
If you have nvme,,, don't bother,  STR won't work
For me. with end of 2019 pbp,, right NOW, uptime 109 days (s2R, STR, s3 which are all the same)
5.8.14-1 kernel., mrfixit2.0 uboot,,  edit to sleep.conf,, power button set to ask,, lid close to ignore
mrfixit on uSD, emmc uboot area blanked
Use ONLY power button to start sleep dialog, waken
BTW,,, this gives 14d sleep

I'd be happy with any sleep state other than s2idle.

When you say "mrfixit on uSD", are you booting from the microSD? Do you have anything on your SPI (or, does your version of the Pinebook Pro have an SPI?)

I have roughly the same setup as wdt. MrxFixit uboot 2.0 (on emmc - blank spi - but that should not matter), Daniel Thompon's kernel 5.7 (which got removed from his website by now) and Debian 12 on emmc. It gives (probably) around 14 days of suspend to memory. It comes with some caveats, though:

  • Suspend fails when the GPU is in use. That can happen in cases as trivial as having opened a multimedia enriched website
    $ journalctl | grep "failed to suspend"
    Jun 10 15:54:19 debian kernel: PM: Device ff9a0000.gpu failed to suspend: error -16

  • Upon coming back from suspend to memory, audio is gone because the audio driver in my kernel version does not implement suspend and resume callback functions. Audio can be revived brute force by unbinding and rebinding the sound driver. This crashes the kernel if the driver is accessed in the split-second between unbinding and rebinding. So, make sure not to play any sound when executing this command:
    $ sudo tee /sys/bus/i2c/drivers/es8316/{un,}bind <<< 1-0011

  • The Pinebook Pro wakes up from suspend to memory in the moment it gets connected to external power or unconnected from external power.

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