Pinephone Pro Convergence Dock Ethernet performance with non-pro pinephone
(02-01-2023, 12:33 PM)Matt2020 Wrote: Hi,

New here.

I have a PinePhone (1.2, I think; definitely not Pro).  I also have the original convergence dock.  

It works great, but the ethernet (verified with iperf3) is only getting 3-4M/s, where other devices on my network are at 1000M/s.  I know this old dock is only rated for 100M/s, but I was hoping to get closer to 100 than to 0 when using it!

Anyway, I'm considering buying the new one:

However, I don't want to do that if the performance is still going to be so poor.  

Can anyone who has a non-Pro Pinephone and the new dock give me an idea of what their ethernet speed is?


Hi. Have you tested your convergence dock on a device other than your PP, e.g. a laptop? You can see there if it works OK (at a speed close to 100Mb/s) and weather it is a defective dock or some other maybe software problem.

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