Case for Pinephone
My opinion is that we(as a community) find a phone model of similar size which matches the button placement and we can cut a camera hole cutout, for the heavier 'armor' cases we can use an acetone/ABS plastic glue to close up the camera holes in the wrong place.
There are so many phone models now on the market that I believe thate simply must be a phone with nearly identical footprint, thickness, and button placement; we can fix the camera placement but even that might find a match.
It would take only a few of us taking out PPs to phone shops and trying out case covers. 77x160,10mm is what I measure.
If I find the time I can make a STL for a crude heavy phone case for 3D printing and post it at Thingiverse and cut/paste the OpenSCAD code here, maybe search the forum as I recall seeing one or more posted already.
you can print the above cases or use a 3D print service to make and ship to you. ABS is good for hard parts though some of these are designed for more flexible TPU prints.
(edit 2)
-I like this case as it gives you an access door to our hardware kill switches,
-this model is perfect as a negative to remove a pinephone sized empty space inside a simple parametric 'armor'
-this open-backed case seems smart considering how hot a pinephone can get even in sleep

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