Latest Manjaro-Phosh and Arch-Phosh won't boot
In my opinion the best overall solution is to ensure towboot is flashed to spi and then reflash Arch Linux Phosh 2022-05 version. Do the initial update and then stop right there. Do no more updates except perhaps one more update after you have installed the apps of your preference to one time update those apps. This is what I have done to my PPP and it always starts and runs because it is unchanged. The updates also can contain new bugs while at the same time fixing other bugs. This is why I suggest once that 'sweet spot' has been achieved leave it alone and run flawlessly. This is also what I have done to my PP Convergence as I rarely to never update it. It runs perfect all the time as a result. I hope this helps to alleviate the frustration.

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RE: Latest Manjaro-Phosh and Arch-Phosh won't boot - by Chief - 06-24-2022, 09:17 AM

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