PinePhone Pro working on Lapdock using Arch Plasma
(05-27-2022, 02:05 AM)u-kidjp Wrote: Hi, I tried different cable and I got keyboard and touch-pad inputs correctly. It's nice!.

And I have two other lapdocks, HP's (optional device for Windows 10 mobile device,Elite x3) and Mirabook.
Mirabook dose not work, but HP's lapdock also works fine.
Only problem is tapping on the touch pad is not recognized as left button.

 Yea keyboard works... but it really comes down to  doing a magic dance with cables and orientations....    essentially  many protocols on usb lanes   and its a bit of a lottery  on how they land.... a bit like musical chairs....  i hope someone with dev skills might put a widget together to help in the future...

I turn the touch pad off  and use a logitech anywhere mouse...     once i can get waydroid working better   as in  gpu support without  high idle cpu usage etc...  then  it will be a  good  phone and  desktop like setup....   the waydroid part is only for  things like banking apps and things that simply have no linux good equivalent...

but overall  its getting closer to  the  One device to rule them all  scenario id like to see....

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