Just Received my Order; It Doesn't work?!

I finally received both of my Pine A64+ 2gb boards. I have tried both boards with the following setup:

-Power supply from pine 64
-LCD screen and Hdmi connection (tried separately obviously)
-64gb android micro SD (shipped with pine64)
-32gb android micro SD (shipped with pine64)
-32gb RemixOS micro SD (shipped with pine64)
-No other peripherals plugged in 

Every time I plug in the power The red led comes on, and stays on. There is no signal given to either the LCD or the hdmi (again, they are never plugged in together, one at a time for testing purposes). 

Does anyone have any idea what's going on? Or should I throw my hands up and give up on this $200 investment that I waited 6 months for?

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Just Received my Order; It Doesn't work?! - by kikootwo - 07-06-2016, 03:08 PM

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