Audio Pot Board Questions
(04-18-2022, 01:23 PM)vfr400racer Wrote:
(04-17-2022, 06:54 PM)t4_4t Wrote: > ... white 6 pin socket ...
It simply pulls out the signal as shown in the schematic.
Probably, it seems to be a terminal assuming the case of connecting another I2S-device (DAC etc...) to the outside.

> ... which pin is pin 1.
Look at the back of the board, there is a (50M / MCLK) silk mark.
The part where 50M is printed is pin 1.


However, even if you select the MCLK side, it will not work properly in many cases.
This is because many kernels are not set to output MCLK to the outside.
You can find such a post by searching the forum thread here.

Many thanks, now it's clear to me.Currently, I'm running a volumio image on the rock64 and it let's me select the 50M side. Which is fine for me Big Grin .

Hi vfr400racer, I'm new to this and am building a music streamer and am trying to load volumio on the Rock64. I see you have an image running. I have a Rock64 V3 and have tried loading an image of both Volumio V2 and V3 with no success, I can load other OS's such as DietPi for Rock64 but the Volumio ones from this forum seem to flash ok but dont load - no red/white led activity even after 30 mins or so and no display. Just wondering if you had any suggestions.

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