PP Keyboard - Top Row Actuation
(03-14-2022, 06:26 AM)wibble Wrote: Thanks, nice detailed post. I would hit the Rate button, but I guess it doesn't appear until you've made a few more posts.

It looks like they were using 3d printing for rapid pattern making, so might be able to revise things for the next production run.

I'm glad it's appreciated. I was a bit worried about posting on a topic that was already stickied and closed.

I hope they are able to apply a fix at the factory. From a DIY fix perspective, adding tape or removing material are pretty quick and easy fixes. Solution 1 should only take a few minutes, and solution 2 took me around 30 minutes. Doing these things in a factory environment might be more complicated because they require a human touch and extra QA.

I would be surprised if they were using 3D printing for a large production run like this. My guess is the marks under the key cap are tool marks from when the molds were machined. Removing material from the keycap would require adding material to the mold, which I think means having to mill a new section of mold. I think it's probably less costly to source some adhesive mylar spacers to be added at the factory during assembly. Then again, I don't have experience with injection molding in a factory environment, and the change might be easier to make than I think.

Here's an additional thought to adding spacers: potential interference with the phone screen. My PP 1.2 has the glass screen protector and it already touches the keycaps when the keyboard is closed. The PPP is slightly thicker, so with the screen protector, the situation may be even worse. Adding shims under the keycaps makes them stick up higher and could have some long-term negative consequences for both screen and keyboard membrane. Maybe this concern is completely overblown, I don't know.

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