How to activate developer mode on PPP explorer
(02-14-2022, 08:53 AM)zetabeta Wrote:
(02-14-2022, 07:50 AM)tckosvic Wrote: I was looking at:  and I saw that the adb tools could be used on the PPP developer edition.

I have my samsung android phone set with developer options open so I can delete google garbage etc.  I use adb tools to do the debloating.  I had no idea adb would run on the PPP.  I thought that they were specific to android.

Can/how do I activate developer mode on the Explorer edition?  I can't see any way to do that in settings as there is in android settings.  Is there a method to activate developer mode?

thanks,      tom kosvic

short version: there is no developer mode in pp (pro) o.s.'s. use "sudo su -l" get the root access.

pinephone o.s. is somewhat similar to other gnu/linux installation. you have root access. you have package management system, could be many of them. you use package manager to install or uninstall packages.

theoretically, pinephone could receive adb commands but what is the purpose if user has root access. however, pp itself could send adb commands to lte-modem chip and there is need for it.

pinephone's partioning system is also different than average android. in short, user has total control of partitioning in pinephone, unlike in android world where user bows to the fastboot and what else.

side note: i have flash and used fastboot and adb for android device from pinephone, other direction.

Thanks for the info.  After posting an issue on git that su not working, I was told that that is a "feature" not an issue in manjaro-phosh.   I was looking elsewhere for better access.  Now, I can try "sudo su -l" to try additional things.

thanks,     tom kosvic

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