Constructive criticism, open debate, grown up behaviour, and the dreaded FEL mode.
Sorry for the the much briefer reply than your detailed post would deserve, but just to put this into perspective: I believe it's quite difficult to put together a smartphone with open enough hardware (as opposed to locked in hardware you would find in any cheap smartphone) that is well known and supported, but a lot of other people with more insights have written about this already (e.g. partly here), so I'll leave it at that. Combining this with quite limited resources (because Pine64 doesn't make a nice amount of money, according to the comments here they have little to no profit margin and money is being directly fed into development) maybe makes it more understandable why they choose components that are already used in other Pine64 products and don't require an unnecessarily huge amount of work to adapt.
That being said, I think there is definitely room for improvement in a lot of areas like incorporating community feedback and improving released products.
I can't comment on the FEL stuff.

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