PinePhone Wallet Case
I just received this wallet case today. 

It fits the PinePhone better than I expected.

The clips hold to the edges and they don't cover the screen.

The whole phone easily slides up to reveal the camera to take photos.

Holds my ID and 3 cards.

Here is the link: (Make sure you are looking at the Dark Black variety ONLY. I don't know anything about those other models in this same listing. Red Brown looks the same, but that isn't what I purchased.)

FYI: My PinePhone is Manjaro Convergence Edition if the design has changed at all since then (I have no idea.)

A few more things I noticed:
The speaker holes line up well enough to speak on calls with the case closed.
The clips hold the phone in the middle of the case allowing airflow which is a bonus.

The only con that I can tell so far is that metal credit cards will probably scratch the screen.

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