Has anyone gotten "reset" to work in U-Boot for Pine64?
(03-18-2021, 12:30 PM)Pine Wrote: Has anyone gotten the "reset" command to work in U-Boot (v2021.01) for Pine64?

I've tried for days combinations of enabling and disabling PSCI, SYSRESET, and DM_RESET. I've applied and removed various reset patches from people like Chris Blake in 2017 and again in 2019.

Either the SoC enters an infinite loop walking a DM tree, or a message stating reset isn't supported on the board.

Let's not ask what combination of CONFIG_* flags I've set, because I've tried permutations of them all.

Has anyone, anywhere, gotten the SoPine (on a clusterboard) or Pine64-LTS to actually restart as if the reset button had been pressed? What are your defconf settings? What version in U-Boot? Thx!

Good news, it's not a software issue. Two AA batteries over 1.4V each (not NiMH) in the clusterboard will enable software reset and WDT reset. That, or feed power from a nearby 3.3v line into RTC with batteries removed. HTH.

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