WiFi stopped working, suggestions?
(02-08-2021, 03:20 AM)pjsf Wrote:
(02-06-2021, 10:15 AM)barray Wrote: If you can't pick it up in any of the logs (even as an unknown device), then it means you can't talk to it.

If that is the case, it indicates:

1. Something came unplugged -- It should just be a quick visual check.

2. The WiFi chip is not getting power -- Which is something you should be able to test for by checking the power supply. It could be that either it's not getting a DC rail or there is a loose ground somewhere (including the battery and DC barrel jack). Try testing the PineTab on and off power to see if there is a difference.

3. The WiFi chip is blown -- There's not much you can do about this. I would suggest grabbing a USB WiFi dongle, shouldn't set you back too much.

Will be interesting to see the root cause on this anyway, so please post back in any case. As I understand it, Pine are still yet to get the next batch processed, so now is the time to discover any potential issues in the design.
Well that led to some interesting testing. I've never actually use the pinetab while it's charging before, but using the barrel jack I do get some different behaviour (this is on arch now). I do have a few wifi dongles lying around so I tried one out at random (this one's a rtl8192cu which works fine on my desktop). Without the barrel charger connected I get "failed to enumerate usb device" errors, with the barrel charger plugged in the device id registered but no driver is loaded, although that's probably because  the arch build doesn't have the rtl8192cu module.
The really odd thing tho, is that the keyboard/trackpad which was working fine before I plugged in suddenly appeared to be recognised as a device, i.e the hailuck messages appeared in dmesg and the trackpad became massively erratic. So there may be some power supply issues. I'll go back to mobian and try few more things.

This does sound like a supply rails problem then... If your lucky, it's just that some wire inside became unplugged - but I doubt it. As you can see inside, the USB, CPU and power supply are all on the same board: http://coffeespace.org.uk/projects/openi...-board.jpg

But essentially you will won't to (carefully) probe out the connections between the battery, barrel jack and USB. Remember you should be able to take a nice ground off of the shielding metal.

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