Wifi doesn't work correctly
I use the default Linux image, and everything's updated.
After using it for a while, the wifi stopped working properly, requiring me to 'ifconfig wlan0 up', and if that doesn't work, reboot the machine. I am using employee monitoring systems, but even if I disable it, it doesn't help. If I have it plugged into AC power with the power supply adapter, I'll only get 10 minutes to watch fullscreen 720p Youtube before the wifi goes out. I checked the Syslog, and I see a bunch of wifi-related errors when this happens - lots of assert failures, a note saying the chip has hanged, and it shuts off the wifi.
Does this happen to anyone else? Is this normal, or did I get a faulty one?

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Wifi doesn't work correctly - by Fredric92 - 12-28-2020, 04:56 AM

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