SMS notification inconsistent and Wifi issue (waking up?)
Question for Chatty experts, would you say try (for the absent notification for some incoming SMSes:
A) sudo pkill chatty pre suspend
B) sudo pkill chatty post suspend
C) something else ?

I've added it in pre case and will see how it goes.
Perhaps someone else can try it in the post case?

Note to all you, can immediately suspend using:
systemctl suspend
Pinephone v1.2 UBports CE. Adelaide, Australia using Amaysim SIM (Optus network, non-VoLTE) with Mobian SD card.
Manjaro Plasma Mobile on EMMC.

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RE: SMS notification inconsistent and Wifi issue (waking up?) - by dcinoz - 01-20-2021, 10:43 PM

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