[12.11.20 Update] Latest PinePhone CE Manjaro - Device Arrival & Initial Tests Thread
(11-09-2020, 02:55 PM)marcih Wrote: I have also experienced what I would consider rather aggressive battery usage. With the battery being at ~58% factory charge, I tried opening up a few apps and closing them, i.e. what could generally be considered "light usage", without being connected to the Internet or a SIM card inserted (all the killswitches and Wi-Fi with Bluetooth were switched on in software though, default after first boot) and within about 10 minutes the charge dropped to 54%. Is this to be expected or is something up with my battery or Manjaro's power management?

Yes, power management seem to be a major issue, please refer to the last update I wrote on my original upper post about the power drain of my PinePhone at night, while the modem was (probably) in sleep mode and the charger constantly plugged-in, I woke up in the morning expecting a full charge of the battery, that was not the case - almost like a ghost was fiddling around with my phone as I was sleeping  Big Grin

* My assumption is that this is a power management issue, and not a charger or a charging block issue - since the phone is constantly losing charge even while connected through the night to a charger and sitting still on a desk with the screen turned off and nobody touching the phone, which is very strange.

In general I am very pleased with what I see, the phone is IMHO not YET stable enough to be a daily phone, but the progress that is being made shows that all it will take is figuring out the solution for a small amount of issues, and the phone will be stable enough to give whatever other phone we had to charity and just use the PinePhone once and for all.

All my respect to the PinePhone hardware engineers behind the hardware, and the software engineers that are constantly working on improving the various software for the PinePhone, it has a huge potential.

I will keep updating whenever I have completed any further interesting tests on the PinePhone, hopefully we can generate enough feedback to help the developers to be able to pin point and solve those issues.

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