Incorrectly asssembled keyboard

My Pinebook Pro finally arrived after a delay caused by DHL not releasing the package until a week after I had paid the import duty. I was disappointed to discover that my new laptop was delivered without a UK adapter for the power supply and, more seriously, has an incorrectly assembled ISO keyboard: The 'H' key is missing and there are two ';' keys with all the keys in between shifted one place to the left.

In addition, there also seems to be a problem with the laptop display: Instead of the Manjaro logo, I get striped vertical lines in the middle of the display and the laptop hangs. Powering off/on seems to resolve the problem, but restarting the computer results in the display problem and the laptop hangs, requiring power off/on to resolve the problem.

I've been waiting five days for a response to my ticket on the Pine64 support site but despite two emails to Pine64 I've not received a response to my ticket #7100, so I decided to post a message here: I carefully prised off the key-tops from the incorrectly assembled keys, replaced them shifted one place to the right, and used the duplicate ';' key in place of the missing 'H' key. I've also flashed the Armbian Focal image to eMMC and the display appears to be working properly.

I was very optimistic about Pine64 and, despite being charged extra for delivery to the 'Highlands and Islands' of Scotland and the delays caused by DHL's incompetance, I am pleased to have my Pinebook Pro working with an NVMe SSD. However, I'm disappointed by the poor level of support I've received so far - I HOPE Pine64 are willing to send me an 'H' keytop to replace the duplicate ';' key at the very least in order to restore my confidence in the Pine64 support system!

Tony Travis


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